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Arturius International are a fledging company with big ideas. Focused at providing infrastructure support for a wide range of industries, Arturius required a web presence to effectively communicate to their prospective clients.

Message 205 created a scalable solution that would grow with Arturius. As clients would be accessing from all corners of the globe, the solution had to be exceptionally lightweight, to ensure performance on slower connections. Also, maximum use was made of calls to action, driving site conversions and keeping the journey focused on establishing new contacts.


    July 2014

  •    Client:

    Arturius International Ltd

Message 205 recently designed and now maintains a website for Arturius International Ltd. From the outset, their energy, collaborative approach and pro-active stance were welcome and just what we needed. They understood the remit, were quick to respond to changes and presented us with a website on time, all of which was excellent. I have lost count of the number of positive comments I, and the directors of Arturius International, have received regarding the site. Since then, Message 205 have responded rapidly to requests for change and updates – again, a sterling service.

I can very strongly recommend them to anyone who needs a new website – their work is outstanding.Head of Strategy & Communications, Arturius International Ltd
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