reception (2)

Reception (Class M)

Welcome to Miss Mearns’s Class

We love exploring our outdoor area and using it to be creative. We make dinosaur worlds with bricks, large pebbles and sand. Also, we make our own obstacle courses with wooden planks and milk crates. Sometimes we use the guttering to race cars – or water – down the bank; or even dress up and act out stories. Inside we love to build in the construction corner, design and make things in our creative workshop or read quietly in our book corner on our new blue sofa!

Every morning we dance, sing and practise counting forwards and backwards. Each day we learn a new sound and its action to help us learn to read and write. We are very lucky that adults come to help us. They take us to the library each week where we can choose a book to take home. Each week we visit the woods in our school, where we love to explore nature and invent stories.

We like playing with the older children and making ‘big’ friends in the school and we are proud of our four houses, earning house points each week by being helpful and advertising companyLT-005 Yellow

St Michael’s C of E (Aided) School, Aldbourne