year5 (1)

Year Five (Class K)

Welcome to Mrs. Knighton’s world….

We are class 5 …. welcome!

We love year 5 and are really looking forward to everything that this year has to offer.

We are already enjoying our new topic and finding out about the Mayans – in particular, the fact that they discovered chocolate!  Our classroom is full of Mayan artefacts and we’re looking forward to creating more.

We are a very creative class and use our imaginations to the limit every day.  Whether it is english, maths, history or science, we enjoy all our lessons and make sure that we try our best in all that we do.  As a class, we’re all very sporty and are looking forward to the year 5 tournaments.  As individuals, we’re all different but we all fit in so, no matter who you are, you’ll definitely be happy in year car coversтур лапландия

St Michael’s C of E (Aided) School, Aldbourne