Year Three (Class J)

Welcome to class J!

AWESOME and INSPIRING! Those are the words we would choose to describe our class!

In year 3, we are an amazingly friendly bunch of children who are full of joy and curiosity and who make sure that we always support each other in our learning. Step into our classroom to be greeted by an explosion of creativity and stupendous ideas!

Each and every day we come to school to grow our minds; whether we are working in English or maths, R.E or science, we have a real fascination about the world around us but we don’t just dip our toes in, we deep-sea-dive into our learning adventure to try and find those precious pearls!

In art we are immersed in all things Pablo Picasso and are enjoying exploring his different and weird painting techniques! We are a competitive bunch and LOVE P.E where we are developing our football skills and creating dance pieces about life under the sea which we have linked to our recent poetry topic!

Feel free to pop in to our classroom to finds out more about our exciting journey through year 3!

IMG_1548IMG_1562паллетайзерыGoodyear Eagle F1 Supercar

St Michael’s C of E (Aided) School, Aldbourne