Music plays an important part at St. Michael’s – we love singing and it permeates throughout our school.

We celebrate Christmas and the end of the school year with a whole school production. This involves us all performing. Our past productions have included Wind in the Willows, Cinderella Rockerfella, Going for Gold and this year we performed The Peace Child to a packed house!

We have a range of visiting music teachers which include violin,cello, guitar, drums, piano and a range of brass instruments.

We give all the children in year 3 the opportunity to play the cornet and many of these children then choose to take up brass lessons.

Our brass players then join Aldbourne training brass band which rehearse in the village and performs alongside the prestigious Aldbourne brass band. The children who have lessons all take part in our popular music concerts which we hold car cover photosроликовый конвейер ценаИ-111 АМ

St Michael’s C of E (Aided) School, Aldbourne