Eating in School

Yummy Lunches at the hob!

We are able to offer hot lunches prepared by ‘Yummy Lunches’ who provide a choice of 3 home cooked meals per day which are nutritious, wholesome and yummy!

All children in Key Stage 1 receive a government funded Universal Free School Meal.

All children in Key Stage 2 can have a Yummy Lunch meal at the following cost:

Daily meal @ £2.50. Full week @ £12.00.  Full term 5 days a week @ £65.00.

If you have 2 children who have meals 5 days a week, the discounted price will be £124.50 for the term.

Some children may be entitled to Free School Meals – go to

Payments can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer, to …

Yummy Lunches Ltd, Lloyds Bank Plc, 30-92-63, A/c no 43186968

Current menus are below:-

Rachael Barnes-Chalk can be contacted directly on, or at the school gate Tuesday mornings.какая помощь при рождении ребенкаFD29

St Michael’s C of E (Aided) School, Aldbourne